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I could start my first blog post by writing about the Oscars red carpet fashion, but who really is going to be wearing a custom made gown by a couture fashion house anytime soon? I believe my efforts are better spent elsewhere. Let’s talk about accessible fashion for the NORMAL human being, shall we? This is for dudes too FYI, so listen up! Here are some sweet tips to consider when you are dressing yourself since my advice may not be programmed into your brain quite yet:


#1 Fast Fashion Is Not Always the Solution

I love the sales that department stores have just as much as the next person but if you are looking to find something that is going to last then consider supplementing your brand name addiction with lesser known maker. When I say last, I mean that it will hold quality as well as your interest longer. When you read articles about capsule wardrobes and Italian fashion there’s one thing that we covet and pay attention to but don’t always execute- quality over quantity. I don’t mean that you need to go out and buy a pair of designer shoes but what I do mean is pay attention to where they are made, what they are made out of and how they were made. Italians and Parisians shop at Zara and H&M just like we do but they add pieces that they love to the mix in order to create an elevated look. There’s a reason why we look at people and say, “omg she/he is so chic!”

#2 Hire a Professional

If you look at any celebrity and say, “damn, they look so good! How is it that I can’t achieve this look?” It’s because they have a personal stylist AND most importantly they have had everything made custom or it’s been tailored. I can’t tell you how many times I have literallly blown a person’s mind by simply showing them what tailoring can do for them. If an item is worth tailoring, then have that nip and tuck done before you get too comfortable just wearing the garment as is and with a poor fit. That being said, there are also custom clothing companies out there that don’t cost a complete fortune such as J Hilburn which is for men.

#3 Don’t Waste Your Time With Trends

Unless you would like to be a trendy person and spend the massive amounts of money it takes to stay on the up and up, don’t. If you like a particular trend retailers will have it and you can purchase it. If you are too “trendy” you will and should be getting rid of clothing on a super consistent basis. Keep your wardrobe what you want it to be and not what you are being fed on Facebook or magazines although a piece of clothing or pair of shoes can certainly look dated and need to be tossed immediately. My philosophy is that unless it’s dated, a poor fit or too worn it can stay in your wardrobe as long as you will wear it.




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