“…she is excellent at shopping for a consistent, different style.”
“Shana helped me multiple times shop for new outfits…”

Shana helped me multiple times shop for new outfits. She was efficient, super friendly, and pushed me just enough to try some new styles while still feeling comfortable.

Her outfit building session was particularly useful as well—having her explore my existing wardrobe turned up dozens of amazing outfits that I’d never have thought of alone.

— Paul F.

“She is truly the best organizer and stylist…”

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Shana! She is incredibly efficient, smart, kind and hard-
working. She has a beautiful sense of style and gracious, gentle demeanor. I can’t believe how much we accomplished every time she came to my home. She is a true gem and I was heartbroken she moved away from the Boston area but our loss is your gain. She is phenomenal and made such a difference in my life re: my closets and sense of style. She gave me confidence and helped me shop and even if I stepped out of the room for 5 minutes I would come back to her having folded all my sweaters perfectly or organized my jewelry. She makes the most of every minute she is with a client.

I now know what is in my closet and it all fits and I love what I see. I desperately needed re-organizing, editing out old unattractive out-dated items and guidance on what might look fun and good together as outfits. She took photos of all our outfit combinations and also helped add some awesome jewelry accents and combinations that I never would have thought of but I love. She has an awesome, fun sense of style. I never would have guessed how good I
could feel about what I own and how I dress. She is like a magician!

She is truly the best organizer and stylist and worker I could have ever hoped for. I was hesitant to have someone come help me figuring I should be able to do it myself but I had no idea what a gift this was to have her help. You will be amazed at how much she can help with your closets, jewelry, shopping,outfit building, make up etc. She is amazing!! I got very lucky and I miss her!!

— Barb V.

“I spent one full day with Shana to basically update my wardrobe…”

“I spent one full day with Shana to basically update my wardrobe. Based on the evaluation of my closet beforehand, we found plenty of clothes at decent prices as she optimized sales and coupons. We landed a good balance of staples, exactly what my closet needed, and a small selection of daring options. The day and effort was well worth my time as we made the most of every minute. Shana has a great sense of building a wardrobe.”

—  Beth M.

“Shopping with Shana is a ton of fun, and I get a lot of compliments…”

“Shopping with Shana is a ton of fun, and I get a lot of compliments on the clothes she picks out. She knows what she is doing!”

 — Eric L.